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Food for the Overberg other than locally sourced Jono’s view is that he is more about quality than quantity. Not Just Being the new owner of @Food & Wine but also possibly being the youngest Restaurateur in Hermanus along with Chef Michael being the youngest head chef in the Region too.

Chef Michael is now cooking with more confidence, demonstrating a fantastic balance of flavours with a fusion of Cuisines being of not just South African, Asian, but even a bit of Italian in the mix too.

Dishes are uncluttered and focused on the core ingredient – pure and very tasty cooking, so enjoyable that you feel good. Pure flavours and layered features that melt in your mouth from silky – smooth to crispy and crunchy. A delicious combination of not just flavour but technique that is so pleasing to ones eye but tantalising to ones palette. Texture seems to be the delivery mechanism to flavour. As far as a meal goes there are things that snap and things that melt or flow – ‘much like their delicious crème brûlée!’.

The texture of what we eat greatly affects our enjoyment of food.

The restaurant is light and airy. Upon entering one is greeted with smiles, the soft down lighting creates the ever present ambience. The service is good, with happy staff members that have personality which adds to the already present great atmosphere within the restaurant.

Drink orders are taken. A good array of beverages to accompany a comprehensive wine list along with a full bar is also available. The wine is enjoyable; the likes of Newton Johnson and a few surrounding estates as well as a new comer from a young winery called Le Vierge to name a few.

Delicious homebaked bread with sultanas displaced amongst airy soft chewy bread alongside cubed farm butter sprinkled with slightly toasted sesame seeds to add a slight nuttiness to the scrumptious pillow soft bread. With the gentle warmth from the oven to comfort the slight chill of Autumn. This delicious bread is welcoming.

When one comes and dines here be prepared for not just quality but tasty flavourable dishes made with tender loving care; that good local produce deserves always.

Entrée – Starters

Baby marrow soup, truffle oil and parmesan with finely chopped spring onion –

Ultra rich and decadent, delicious, flavours mingle and compliment one another. Leaving you to want more. It is excitement in a bowl. Truly appetizing and preparing you for whats next to come. It is fabulous. The flavours are perfectly rounded and balanced.

Roast Tomato Soup with Basil Pesto –

Warm and inviting. The slight textured soup with a good crack of pepper. Comfort in a bowl. Exceptionally good. This one is absolutely divine. The basil pesto is a mere entity that marries with the roasted tomatoes brilliantly. Its happiness in a bowl. It totally surrounds your palette turning it into a frenzy full of life.

Tiger Prawn Tempura –

Crispy and delightful nutty tempura cased prawn parcels, sprinkled with pan roasted sesame seeds, garnished with freshly chopped spring onions dressed with an Asian inspired creamy mayonnaise packed with flavours bring an absolute bang to ones senses. These beautiful tiger prawns are a must if you are a seafood lover.

@Food & Wine they have a variety of starters which include soup of the day served with homemade bread – ‘that is to die for’. Other than tasty Tiger Prawn Tempura, there is a good selection of salads they make a great Roast Beetroot Risotto with baby spinach, cream cheese and crispy leeks, or if you like a hearty alternate tasty treat go for the Roasted Bone Marrow, Toast  and Confit Garlic, ‘delightful spread of goodness’. the variety they have will get you started on your journey of food @Food & Wine.


Sweet Potato

Silky sweet and tangy with a smack of heat, in its very own jacket packed with delightful super soft goodness from the earth. Perfectly done, soft, fluffy, and delicious

Triple Cooked Chips

Crispy on the outside and totally soft on the inside, golden crispy chips  with fluffy insides- stacked high, sprinkled with biltong shavings and a dash of salt.

Home-style Pumpkin Fritters

An old secret family recipe, (‘no matter how I begged Chef Michael’) – this one is an absolute delicious secret; doused in salted caramel sauce before serving. Something savoury, yet sweet but sheer goodness.

@Food & Wine their sides are your choice of two: steamed vegetables, triple cooked chips, mixed salad, pumpkin fritters, French fries or the chef’s special sweet potato, ‘ they are all great; the choice is absolutely yours to make’.


Sirloin –

Cooked to perfection and basted with their very own in-house basting.

Fillet –

Pepper-Crusted Fillet of Beef seared to perfection. Freshly ground pepper, delightfully tender and totally deliciously succulent.

All their steaks are matured on the bone for 28 days a choice of three cuts; Beef Fillet/Rump/Sirloin served with a choice of delicious sauces to tantalise your very own taste buds. Other than being a half and half steakhouse; these guys have great specialities on the menu; such as Babotie that is classically South African made with beef mince, flavoured with Cape Malay spices and served with sambals, yellow rice and their famous Pumpkin Fritters.

For the pork lovers out there, their Pork Belly is a favourite amongst the locals, slowly cooked leaving it succulently tender served alongside chive mashed potatoes, tender but firm broccoli and tasty and tangy; smoked chilli-guava puree to further accompany this beautifully balanced dish.

For the Vegetarians out there; they make an awesome Tofu Vegetable Curry that will leave you wanting for more; in a good way, ‘much like all their food they serve!’. The choice is great. Even Gourmet Burgers are on the menu with some delicious toppings that will get you hooked.


After eating such delightful food we moved onto desserts. The desserts are so good it was hard to make a choice’.

Salted Peanut Butter Milkshake –

A delight to cleanse the palette, creamy and nutty; the salt accentuates the flavour, leaving a roasted nutty flavour swirling around ones taste buds. A refreshing start to begin with, this was a totally good choice and satisfying; if you are a nut lover and slant more for the nutty side of things, this one is for you.

Malva Pudding –

Malva Pudding, Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Ice-Cream is a must and really a good old time favourite, so if you are just visiting or wanting something that is traditional; Malva pudding is a sweet pudding of Cape Dutch origin and super delectable. Malva pudding is a ubiquitous South African dessert, and it’s comfort food personified, as good as a hug from Mom herself (Well, almost) And perfect fare for Autumn going into Winter or just for comfort on a cool Summers night. Anytime really as it is one of a kind just like Mom.

Crème Brûlée –

Once you crack the caramelized top into shards; these vanilla-rich puds are deliciously decadent as the seductive secret lies is in the contrast between the brittle caramelized topping and the smooth, creamy custard …  a cracking, super seductive and totally smooth delicious delight. It is a creamy rich dessert and enjoyed if made right. – ‘5 stars for this dessert!’.

So if you are looking for a pleasant journey of food. @Food & Wine is the place to go. It is quality and a delight on all ones senses. Nothing like good locally sourced food beautifully prepared, pleasing to the eye as well as to ones taste buds.





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