Herbs are garden plants that are grown and harvested for culinary, aromatic, medicinal, and fibrous uses. Plant herbs in your garden for their unmistakable fragrances, attractive textures, appealing colors, and variety of home uses.

Leaves, both fresh and dried, are normally called herbs, while seeds, roots, fruits, flowers or bark are spices.

Herbs are in all shades of greens and far more subtle in flavour, whereas spices come in all the browns, blacks, and reds of the earth, far more bold, pungent in flavour, and fragrant by far.

Herbs are used for food, drink and medicine.

Herbs are wonderful for cooking family meals, for flavouring, they are dried, crushed, pounded, and mixed into special tonics, tea brews, syrups. Water based are called herbal infusions, alcohol-based are called tinctures. Many other remedies such as compresses, salves, bath soaks, for curing, healing, as well as promoting wellness in many different ways are still used today. Many healing herbs, plants and flowers have been traditionally used for centuries in our homes to treat a variety of minor illnesses and injuries.

The textile industry, many herbs distilled make the most beautiful natural organic colourful dyes, the colors will be more variable than dyes produced from a chemical formula. But the richness and depth of color is unmatched and the surprise results are often part of the pleasure of using natural dyes.

Artists also use the same plants to find colours and fixatives. Woman for centuries have been using herbs for beautifying themselves, making hair dyes, skin-lotions, washing-balls, starch, perfumes, sweet bags and pot-pourri bowls.

Some herbs are extremely poisonous, in root and berry, others harmless in themselves, with a predominant scent, strange form, texture to excite ones imagination. Even the most poisonous of plants in low dosage can be used as cures.

Many herbs and spices are not even documented to this day.
Tantalize your senses!.